„Can one expect independent opinions from dependent people?“

 Werner Braun 1951-2006

Peter Kleingarn Aiqunited

AIQU Directors Office was established in 2015 to support our international clientele in implementing the ever-increasing corporate governance requirements and related compliance.

Our Management and Directors Office unit is an independent Luxembourg company, entrepreneurially managed by senior executives.

The focus of AIQU Directors Office is on the management or exercise of directorships in banks, capital management companies, investment funds and other Luxembourg investment vehicles. These mandates are carried out by our hand-picked senior executives from the international financial sector.

Our added value offers not only a professional performance of the tasks associated with the mandate, but as a special add-on also in the contribution of the necessary expertise in the areas of legal, tax, finance, risk management and operations in the interest of our clients and their investors. In doing so, we always act within the framework of Luxembourg legislation and standard administrative practice, as well as on the basis of our more than twenty years of experience in the finance industry.

Communication with our clients and staff is a decisive factor in our success. In this way, we ensure that risks are identified and addressed at every stage of the investment and lifecycle: from investment through ongoing management to exit.

In addition to their personal expertise, our senior executives can draw on AIQUNITED‘s know-how and its international network of long-standing business partners.

Our philosophy: sharing management expertise with our mandates.

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