Our clients include financial service providers, financial institutions, private equity and venture capital firms, family offices and high net worth individuals, as well as international corporations from real estate and shipping sectors.

Examples of potential investment vehicles for various asset classes

  • SOPARFI: non-regulated holding company
  • AIF: Alternative Investment Fund
  • RAIF (FIAR): non-regulated Alternative Investment Fund
  • Specialized Investment Fund: regulated investment fund
  • Securitization companies
  • SICAR: private equity investment company


AIQUNITED provides top-notch structuring advice for regulated and non-regulated capital pooling structures via Luxembourg.



AIQUNITED analyzes the entire investment structure from the asset to the investor.


AIQUNITED facilitates investments in (renewable) energies.


Advisory services and set-up of Alternative Investment Funds in Luxembourg, optimized for individual investors or asset requirements.


Preparing of tax assessments and implementation of the approval procedures with the supervisory authorities (e.g. CSSF in Luxembourg, ECB or BaFin in Germany)


AIQUNITED optimizes your financing structure as well as your debt or equity tranche.


Converting illiquid assets into a predictable cash flow in the form of different types of securities (shares, bonds, and other kinds of assets) via a Luxembourg securitization vehicle issuing all assets to the investors. 


AIQUNITED analyzes the entire investment structure from the asset to the investor. We provide customized solutions, depending on whether it is an equity or a debt-based structure, and certainly taking into consideration the (regulatory) requirements of your investors. The result is an optimized cash flow between the investors and the assets.


AIQUNITED facilitates investments in (renewable) energies, regardless of whether they pertain to wind farms, photovoltaics, or (solar) power plants. We structure tax-optimized investment solutions in renewable energies for investors from around the world.



AIQUNITED has accumulated many years of experience in structuring infrastructure projects. With a wide range of investment vehicles, Luxembourg enables its investors to invest in infrastructure projects, for example through PPPs. The presence of insurance companies, private equity firms as well as the European Investment Fund and the European Investment Bank attests to Luxembourg’s importance as Europe’s leading financial hub.


AIQUNITED optimizes your financing structure as well as your debt or equity tranche, whether it relates to a single asset, a group of vessels/aircraft, or the financing/refinancing of a debt tranche.